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About Shinagawa-ku International Friendship Association (SIFA)
Purpose of Establishment
We at Shinagawa-ku International Friendship Association (SIFA) strive to contribute to the further development of the very lively international place of Shinagawa City where people in this prosperous community participate in various international exchange programs and welcome anyone from foreign countries into their homes.
Steps for establishing SIFA
In October 1984, the sister city agreement was signed between the Mayor of Shinagawa City and the Mayor of Portland in Maine in the United States and the various programs were launched.

At the time the agreement was signed, the awareness in international related matters, which were recognized as the matters of the national level, was in the process of shifting to the regional government level, and the necessity of a grass-roots international exchange programs was demanded.

With the idea that it is better to conduct friendship exchange programs at the citizen's level in Shinagawa City than by administrative bodies, SIFA was established as a private organization in March 1985.

In March 1986, SIFA changed its status as a private organization to an incorporated foundation for the purpose of becoming organizationally and financially stable. This allowed SIFA to expand international exchange activities and maintains its activities by clarifying the characteristics of the association. The association presently conducts its duties as an incorporated foundation.
Sister Cities / City of Portland
Summary of Activities
The activities conducted by SIFA are as follows:
Friendship promotions with sister city and friendship cities
We send and accept official delegation, goodwill delegation and people who attend the meetings for exchange programs.
Citizen's exchange activities with sister city and friendship cities
We send and accept youth for homestay. We also send students for English language training, and support youth exchange programs in sports, and recommend qualified students to study at the University of Southern Maine (USM), etc.
Popularization activities for the enlightenment of international exchange programs
We hold Japanese language classes for foreign people living and working in Shinagawa City. We also conduct English conversation classes, flower arrangement classes, and cooking classes for both foreign people and Japanese people living and working in Shinagawa City.
Public relations and research activities
We publish a bulletin titled "SIFA News" and open our website to the public to promote our activities and to strengthen public understanding and cooperation in our international exchange activities.
Supporting activities for individual and group exchange programs
We support people in Shinagawa City who conduct their own exchange programs. Our support includes promoting their exchange programs with foreign people living and working in Shinagawa City, assisting with expenses for their exchange programs, and offering them permission to use our corporate title for their exchange program.
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